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    Every project is unique as there are a multitude of factors that affect how we achieve the desired outcome. There are several factors that dictate how we price each project:

    • Volume of Wood - removing wood from the site or just moving it around your site in the form of chips or wood can use more resources and time than most realize.
    • Level of Risk - Are the trees over your house, power lines, or swimming pool? Is the tree dead or damaged? Our business model is not based around risking our lives and your property, so it will always take more time, equipment, and expertise to take down a hazardous tree safely.
    • Access to Site - Can we back the chipper up to the tree on the paved driveway, or do we have to remove a fence and sneak between the prize rose bushes and the gravestone of your pet hamster? We specialize in low impact / poor access removals, but it does take up more time, specialized equipment, sweat, and ingenuity.
    • Scheduling and Conditions - When your office is Mother Nature, flexibility, resourcefulness, and often large amounts of fortitude are necessary to complete projects in a timely fashion. We schedule our projects on a first-come, first-served basis as much as we can, but some projects lend themselves to be more easily accomplished with or without certain environmental conditions. Because of that, if your project has a rigid time frame we might need to factor in for specialized equipment or the added time it takes to deal with particular environmental factors.

    With all that being said, the average cost per removal of one average tree is usually between $900-$1200, with the most complex or challenging being no more than $2500-$3000. The average cost per tree goes down as the number of trees goes up. Planting or transplanting is a little less.

    Less intensive projects like installing cables, pruning, or brush removal usually end up around $300-$500 per half day.